Name Correction!

There was an error in the post about the team’s name. Now I’m not saying it was my fault (I only report the facts…..or complete rumors), but I won’t point fingers at whose mistake it was (cough…Sam…cough). Let be known that the ladies’ team name will henceforth be “Breast in Show,” with the slogan of “Save the Puppies”. You can see where the error could have been made. Either way, the totally corny catchy t-shirts are sure to follow!

Either way, show up tomorrow for some goodies, raffles and a tasty lunch or breakfast at CJ’s in Somers Point, NJ. Google it!

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Heads Up!

Just a reminder about tomorrow. The ladies will be at CJ’s in Somers Point tomorrow and Sunday from 930 until 1230 doing some great fundraising. The raffle baskets are together, the cupcakes are in the oven and its gonna be awesome!

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It’s Been a Long Time Since I Rock and Rolled

Yes, I know, it’s been months since an update.

Yes, I know, that I said I would never be one of those people that start a blog and never update it.

Yes, I know you’ve been checking everyday anxiously awaiting another post.  At last, your dedication and perseverance has paid off.  Not only do I have big news!  I have months worth of news, including things for you to do on Memorial Day weekend, a random Thursday night and a Saturday in August.  Not to mention a way to get rid of those old ink cartridges and cell phones you have laying around.  All this and more just pass the break Continue reading

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Steph Z is on the team!

And I haven’t added her page yet.  But there it is….linked to your right.  Go make a donation and make her feel welcomed!

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Just a little teaser….

So the ladies had their big meeting last night, and while I chose to work on the brewery as opposed to sit in and listen (very responsible reporting on my part), I can pass some information on….the rest will come later when I have a chance to decipher the notes that Samantha took, how she got through college and grad school with her note taking ability is beyond me…

The decided upon team name will be –


THE Double B’s!  Which came to be because none of the girls could actually pronounce (annunciate?) the originally agreed upon team name of The Boobie Brigade.  Apparently females in their mid to late 20’s can’t say Brigade, which is weird.  They also liked the double meaning, you know like double d’s, their the double b’s!

More updates to follow, including fundraising at a local brewery (or two!), pasties (yeah those kind) and a certain spring/summer weekly event in West Chester, just to name a few of the revelations that occurred over 320 Market Chips and Salsa and Pinocchio’s pizza.  Check back later!

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Update and upcoming updates and some news?

Well things have been relatively slow and stable here at SupportingPagano, however, I don’t like having days where no one checks out the site and I don’t have posts….so in a quick preview of things to come…..

Stephanie Hewitt is having a loose change party this weekend and as much as I would like to publish the address of her house on the world wide web to increase donation amounts, I will graciously respect her privacy and sanity.  However, if you would like to go and haven’t heard about it, hit up Ms. Hewitt for the deets (details).

The ladies will all be getting together (for the most part) on Monday to discuss further fundraising ideas.  Check in for an update late Monday night/Early Tuesday morning for the low down….or maybe I’ll live blog it!  What’s more exciting than a fundraising meeting?

Lastly, Samantha has done a fairly good job keeping up with her training schedule.  And Cooper is loving it as he’s getting longer walks in new places as a result.  Give her props!  Stay tuned for the latest!

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Genetic Testing: the odds, insurance, and what the hell are we supposed to do with the results? Oh and Mr. Search?

Last week, Samantha had a routine visit to her lady doctor (I’m sure she’ll be fine with me letting everyone know that…).  While she has already scheduled her first mammogram in April (a fairly nerve racking experience in itself), the talk with her doctor turned to genetic testing.  This isn’t the first time it’s come up in conversation since her sister’s diagnosis, but it is the first time that it has been seriously entertained.

After the discussion, Sam was sent home with a sizable packet of information, a quite sizable list of “What nows?” and another layer on the stress cake (my personal term for when life hands you a bunch of dung – work stress, family stress, money stress, breast cancer stress, oh shit there’s water in the basement stress, the list goes on…).  After even more discussions with yours truly, her parents and her sister some of that stress layer is gone.  But I don’t know if we’ve come to a decisive action quite yet.

However, not knowing a whole lot about it, I did my own researching and found there’s a lot of good info out there in the “web.”  But like all things on the internet, check your sources….unless of course that source is Charlie Sheen, then at least you know it’s pure gold (Winning!).

From possible insurance (life and health) complications if found positive, government movements to protect the rights of positive individuals, to the odds of diagnosis (between 40-85% if positive for one, either or both of the genes), I was surprised at how much info there was.  My knowledge of genetics is limited to those boxes we made in 9th grade biology dealing with dominant and recessive genes (Thanks Mr. Search) and eye color, but there were plenty of websites that explained everything.  Rather than me continue to talk through them here, I’ll supply the links for your reading pleasure.  Feel free to leave comments on your views/experiences/opinions on the whole topic.  Thanks for stopping by!

Just to name a few:


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